"Within us we have a hope which always walks in front of our present narrow experience; it is the undying faith in the infinite in us." - Tagore

By Lisa Kagan 

Against the Odds, Mixed Media by Lisa Kagan

There is an eagerness in the garden
as if the flowers are raising their hands
all of the blossoms have something to say
chatter of the birds, butterfly wings, and the wind
stir up a symphonic wonder
alliums are in full bloom
whimsical puffs of purple like small balloons
the rose we transplanted this fall
seems relieved to now grow in full sun
where it belongs
its pink petals begin to reveal themselves
offering a gentle “thank you”
honeysuckle also survived its transplant last year
this year it grows in abundant glory
getting ready to shower us with its sweet scent
spring offers new beginnings
yet this season is also a bit of an ode
to the spirit of survival.

Pandemic Anthology featuring poetry from members of the Oregon Poetry Association

An Anthology of Pandemic Poems

It has been many months since I have been in touch as I have been caught up in navigating the pandemic winter and all that came with it. Now as spring begins to arrive here in the Pacific Northwest and new opportunities begin to emerge, it truly does feel like a chance for a new beginning…

I am excited to share that three of my poems are featured in /pãn| dé| mïk/ 2020: An Anthology of Pandemic Poems. In response to these unprecedented times the Oregon Poetry Association (OPA) published this Pandemic 2020 Anthology this winter. All the poems are written by OPA members, creating a stunning artistic and historic document. I am honored to be a part of it and inspired by the strength, inspiration, grit, and grace present in these poems. As we begin to look towards brighter times ahead, this collection reminds us how far we have come and helps to fortify us going forward from here. This book is a fundraiser for the Oregon Poetry Association and you can purchase your copies here.

Illustrated Family Heirloom Books created by Family Heirloom Arts

The Art of Completion

Over the last few weeks I have been busy finishing a number of client projects that have been in the works all year. I am also putting the finishing touches on a book of my own poetry and art, Coming Home to Myself, which will be published by Family Heirloom Arts and available for purchase later this spring (more details coming soon!). Amidst all of this I have started a number of new client projects where people are looking for help with the process of completion. These projects include a client who wants to finish a manuscript they started years ago and turn it into a book, a client who has been working on a family cookbook during this pandemic year and wants help with the final polishing before going to print, and a client who has compiled generations of family photographs and wants to feature them in an illustrated heirloom book so the collection can be preserved and shared.

Though the process of completing projects (especially projects that are so deeply personal) can be quite daunting, I recognize that by bringing projects to completion we free up space for new things to emerge.

If you have been working on a life story project and need some help bringing it to completion, feel free to be in touch as we are happy to help!

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