“The story is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind for the purpose of gaining understanding. There've been great societies that didn't use the wheel, but there've been no societies that didn't tell stories.” – Ursula K. LeGuin, U.S. Writer

Getting Started


Let’s Talk

Get in touch to set-up a free initial consultation. 
We want to hear all about the vision and ideas behind your project and see how we can help during a free one-hour consultation. This initial session is an opportunity for us to meet each other, explore your ideas, learn more about the process of preserving life stories, get inspired by flipping through some books we’ve made for others, and gain an understanding of all the services available to you through Family Heirloom Arts.

Set An Intention

Together we’ll define the scope of your project
. Following the initial consultation, the next step is to work together to clarify the scope of your project. Through a guided discussion we will help you clarify your vision for the project, identify your intentions and goals, and explore options for the final product. We will review estimated costs, determine the roles of those participating in the process, and chart out a timeframe for moving forward. It is exciting to see this roadmap take shape that will lead us to your finished project.

Dig In

Now we are ready to begin! We will design a strategic plan to guide us in creating your project that could include any number of our services such as oral history interviews, writing and editing, image scanning and restoration, custom illustrations, book layout and design, print production management and more. Each project is unique so our approach and plan for your particular project will be custom-built and closely managed to meet your needs.

Lisa Kagan of Family Heirloom Arts in Portland, Oregon, is truly responsible for all that is beautiful, logical, and complete in these pages. She is coach, editor, designer, and chief cheerleader for the ill-equipped, procrastinating wannabe writers of personal history. To her I owe so very many thanks because she believed that I could keep writing and would eventually get the story told.

– Emily Standish
Heirloom Book Client