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“The creative process puts us in touch with our soul, our spirit, our inner wisdom. Self-expression through the creative arts is a sacred and often mystical experience.” – Natalie Rogers

Are you looking for a space amidst your busy life to connect more deeply with yourself and your community in a supportive and inspiring environment?


Illumination, Photograph by Lisa Kagan

Touchstone Retreats offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the creative process of sharing your stories through art and writing. We facilitate art and writing retreats at Alton L. Collins Retreat Center in Estacada, Oregon.

We also facilitate retreats for organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. We provide specialized programing for staff retreats, spiritual and meditation programs, and community groups including caregivers, educators, counselors, artists, writers, and social justice activists.

We invite you to:

  • Take a break from your responsibilities and enjoy the opportunity for self-reflection and creativity.
  • Allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished, supporting the process of regeneration and renewal.
  • Embark on your own journey of transformation, stepping more fully into your personal power and expressing your authentic voice and vision.
  • Share insight, inspiration, and wisdom through deepening community connection.

We honor writing and art as a creative process that belongs to all people. Each person’s voice is unique and of value. All writing, art and creativity is welcome here. No previous experience is necessary, just an openness to exploration.

Coming Home to Myself (A full day retreat)

Nurture and nourish yourself with a day of creative connection, renewal, and inspiration
with Lisa Kagan

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”
– Rumi

As we move through this long period of isolation towards a time of reconnection and reinvention, this full day retreat offers you the chance to step away from the demands of daily life to connect more deeply with yourself and your vision for this new chapter through engaging in the creative process of writing, painting, drawing, and collage. Join us for a soulful and inspiring day in the beauty of the natural world immersed in creative community. Honoring the importance of following your own inner compass we will explore nine essential elements of the human experience: courage, passion, patience, grace, faith, resilience, wonder, gratitude, and renewal. We will experiment with creating our art on circular canvases, drawing inspiration from the cycles of the seasons, the practice of mandala creation, the rich tradition of Japanese crests, and the power of myth and personal symbolism. This retreat offers you a chance to deeply nourish yourself with delicious food, a quiet, beautiful retreat setting and the supportive, uplifting company of other women. All art supplies will be provided. No previous art or writing experience necessary.

Content for this retreat is inspired by themes central to Lisa’s newest book of original art and poetry entitled, Coming Home to Myself, released in 2021.

Dates: Saturday February 26, 2022, 10am-5pm

Location: Alton L. Collins Conference & Retreat Center
“Surrounded by giant fir and cedar, lush fern and abundant moss covered vine maple, the Alton L. Collins Conference & Retreat Center near Eagle Creek, Oregon provides an environment and facilities conducive to study and reflection, relaxation and recreation…Trails take you through the woods and along the streams that meander around the grounds.”

A professional chef specializes in using fresh, local produce to create meals that are truly culinary works of art. This retreat includes lunch.

Retreat Program Fee & Lunch: $175
Art materials fee: $15
Total fee: $190

Payment is due at the time of sign up.
Registration and payment is made through Alton L. Collins Retreat & Conference Center. Click here to register.
Due to the limited number of participants we can accommodate, early registration is recommended.

This retreat offers space for creative expression for women of all ages and backgrounds.

For more information or if you have questions about the retreat, please contact Lisa at: or 503.347.1391.

Click here to view the full event details and our COVID-19 vaccination policy.


Please mark your calendars: Our 2022 spring retreat, “Emergence: Coming into Bloom, A Journey of Renewal & Regeneration” with Lisa Kagan and Dawn Thompson will be held in-person, April 8-10, at Alton L. Collins Conference & Retreat Center near Eagle Creek.
More information coming soon!

Touchstone Retreat Photos

Here is what participants have to say about Touchstone Retreats…

Extraordinary things happen when a group of women come together and commit to writing, creating, and exploring in nature. Dawn and Lisa of Touchstone Retreats provided a safe, nurturing space to simply be— without judgment or expectation. We were invited as individuals to experience our weekend as we needed. There’s such freedom in that. I wrote, hiked, put my feet up, and got my fingers sticky with paint. It was fantastic! Our group quickly became a unique type of family, forged in a creative space so often unattainable in the bustle of modern life. The delicious, locally-sourced meals prepared by an amazing chef made the weekend extra special. This was a writing and art retreat, but it was also a nature and foodie retreat! Dawn and Lisa are two of the most welcoming and talented humans I’ve ever met. I left feeling loved, nurtured, and inspired. I can’t wait for the next Touchstone retreat!

– Touchstone Retreats Participant

I recommend Touchstone Retreats to women who are looking for a safe place to connect with their inner voice and creativity, and also to connect with kindred spirits. Life is such a hectic race through our to-do lists that we hardly ever disconnect not only from electronics, but from our self-talk to do more and be more. Taking time for reflection is so important. Participating in a retreat like this is a way to be kind to yourself through taking time to write and create.

– Touchstone Retreats Participant

I registered for this retreat because I wanted time away in the forest with like-minded creatives. It was so much more ~ from the beautiful venue to the incredible meals and ‘forest bathing’ to the deep dive into writing and mask making, it was a pure joy. I hope to attend many more.

– Touchstone Retreats Participant

About Touchstone Retreats Facilitators:

Lisa Kagan is a writer, artist, educator and personal historian. Her business, Family Heirloom Arts, is dedicated to helping individuals and families celebrate their life stories and significant life milestones through the creation of illustrated heirloom books and custom art. Lisa offers art and writing workshops and retreats throughout the Pacific Northwest and is a facilitator through Portland Women Writers. Lisa believes in the transformative nature of the creative process to heal, empower, challenge, inform, and awaken the human spirit. Lisa has published two books of original art and poetry, Coming Home to Myself (2021) and Emergence (2009).

Dawn Thompson oversees and facilitates workshops and retreats through Portland Women Writers. She was a staff member for Write Around Portland and has held writing circles for caregivers, adults in assisted living and memory care. Dawn holds on-going writing circles for individuals healing from cancer at Oregon Health Science University. She believes writing our stories, whether they originate from our life experience or our imagination, is a sacred act that liberates, heals and transforms us.

Please contact us with questions, to register for our upcoming retreats, or to brainstorm on ideas for bringing a Touchstone Retreats program to your community.

Lisa Kagan

Dawn Thompson

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