“As anyone who has raised children can attest, motherhood is the world’s most intensive course in love. We may experience it, by turns, as a state of grace or oblivion, entrapment or exaltation, profound joy or numbing fatigue. Sometimes we pass through all these emotions in the course of a single day. And yet, the next morning, we are ready to resume.” – Katrina Kenison and Kathleen Hirsch






As a mother, are you looking for a space amidst your busy life to connect with yourself and other moms in a supportive and inspiring environment?

We invite you to:

  • Take a break from your responsibilities and enjoy the opportunity for self-reflection and creativity.
  • Allow yourself to be nurtured and taken care, while you make new mom friends.
  • Turn the raw material of your daily life into fuel for the creative process, helping you to feel more inspired as you navigate your day-to-day life.

Join us for specially designed workshops and retreats where you will have the opportunity to explore your journey into motherhood and the adventure of parenthood through creative writing, drawing, painting, and collage. These hands-on programs are offered throughout the Portland, Oregon metro area. The Art of Motherhood’s online community offers you the opportunity for inspiration and connection, no matter where you live or when you might be able to sneak in a little time to reflect and create.

“When I became a mom, I was hungry for a chance to engage in self-reflection and creativity in a supportive community of other moms. On the rare occasions when I had the chance to write or make art with other moms, the work that was created felt beautiful, insightful and profound. Creating and sharing our pieces moved all of us to tears, and led me to think seriously about developing a curriculum and a series of program offerings to honor and empower women who are going through this incredible experience of becoming parents.”
– Lisa Kagan, Founder of Family Heirloom Arts and the Art of Motherhood

An opportunity to rest and reflect

Do you have a high level of familial and domestic responsibilities in your life, with limited time for self-care and self-expression?

The transition into motherhood and the early years of parenthood is such a significant period of adaptation, requiring an incredible amount of energy, endurance and resilience. But this juncture also has the potential to open new emotional and spiritual doors to a whole other dimension of life’s experiences. The Art of Motherhood program was created as a way to support you through the dual nature of this transitional period, so you can flourish and thrive.

Providing a lifeline

Share insights and perspectives while building a support network with other moms navigating this challenging and exciting life phase.

Being part of a nurturing, creative community of other moms is a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone in your life with others who have shared similar experiences. It’s also a powerful anecdote to post-partum depression, and other feelings of anxiety, vulnerability and isolation that many women struggle with as they transition into motherhood. If you are a mother of young children who is geographically separated from your family of origin, the Art of Motherhood program supports the assertion that “it takes a village to raise a child” and offers a shared experience that mothers can engage in together.

Allow the precious moments of your daily life to fuel your creative process

Motherhood provides a wellspring of inspiration

Do you ever wrestle with the question of whether the time-consuming nature of motherhood is inherently at odds with the creative process? The Art of Motherhood program is designed to inspire you to see that the raw material of your daily life can fuel the creative process, instead of viewing motherhood as a hindrance to your artistic pursuits. It has been shown that having a personal creative practice can help to support personal wellness, reduce stress and increase positive outlook.