Our Community

“Finally I have joined up with my tribe. I learn by listening to other mothers’ stories and telling my own.” - Gayle Boss

Welcome to the Art of Motherhood Community Gallery. This online gallery showcases original visual art and writing created by mother artists and writers exploring the universal, yet simultaneously highly personal and private experience of motherhood seen from the inside out, inspired by mothers’ own experiences. During the year and a half period from February 2016 to June 2017 a new collection of material was featured each month inspired by themes and questions central to the early years of motherhood including:

  • Reorienting:  Who am I now and where am I going?
  • Learning and Discovery: In what ways have your children taught you to see your life and the world differently?
  • Creating Family: What are you going to pass on to your children from your upbringing, and what are you going to start anew or do differently in your own family that you are creating?
  • Myth of Infinite Capacity: What is work? What does self-empowerment mean in the modern day?
  • Resilience: How has your journey of love and loss as a mother informed your relationship to your life?
  • The Many Faces of Motherhood:  How can the new sense of self you are developing embody the juxtaposition of contrasting elements that make up your life?

Glimpses: Mother Haiku Over the Years, Writing by Elizabeth Darlington

My haiku poems are mostly on the theme of motherhood, since being a caregiver and observer of my children has completely engrossed me and transformed my life in every way…

Roots and Wings, By Lisa Kagan

When you become a mom, your place in the great cycle of life shifts, and you and your partner are responsible for bringing another person into your families, cultivating and nurturing your own family and transforming your relationship with grandparents, parents…

From the Inside Out, Art by Lea K. Tawd

I have always painted women alone. Not lonely, but on solitary journeys inward. I still believe in the inward journey, but now many of my women are in groups, supporting each other, or with their children. Even on a journey inward, you don’t have to be alone…