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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” - Anaïs Nin

Art of Motherhood Anthology, call for entries coming soon!

Are you a mother artist or writer, interested in contributing your work to the Art of Motherhood Anthology?

About the Anthology

Over the last three or four decades with the tremendous social, intellectual, and ideological changes that have occurred in the United States, it has become increasingly possible for mothers to not only become published writers and artists, but to create work with content that recognizes and utilizes the experience of motherhood as a source for great insights and innovations. As a result, a new literary and art genre is being established — one that explores the universal, yet simultaneously highly personal and private experience of motherhood seen from the inside out, inspired by mothers’ own experiences.

The Art of Motherhood Anthology is designed to celebrate the rich body of creative work done by mothers throughout the country on themes central to the early years of motherhood. The anthology will feature creative writing, poetry and prose, as well as two-dimension visual art including; painting, drawing, cut-paper, printmaking, photography and mixed media art. The book will also feature interactive curriculum comprised of writing and visual art exercises to inspire the reader to explore and engage with the themes presented throughout the book. We look forward to helping bring the voice and vision of this current generation of new mother writers and artists into the public sphere.

Stay tuned for updates on the Art of Motherhood Anthology

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