“Where is your water? Know your garden.” - Hopi teaching

Art of Motherhood, Nurture & Nourish Fall Retreat

crop_workshops-landing-page-banner-v1-1024x265On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September a group of mothers gathered at Zenana Spa for our fall Art of Motherhood Retreat. Stepping away from our busy lives, we came together with the intention of taking a few hours to refill our own wells and connect with each other through the creative process. As our pens touched the paper and the writing portion of our retreat began, a peaceful quiet descended on the room. With the afternoon sunlight glinting in through the windows, we shared our motherhood stories, through poetry and prose, through laughter and reflection. In the second half of the retreat, we worked to create narrative images, images that would tell the stories of our own motherhood journeys through line and color. Some participants brought in photographs of themselves and their children to incorporate into their pieces. Immersed in a sea of paint, paper and glue we were able to lose ourselves in the process of creating, and by the end of the afternoon, I think each one of us had rediscovered a part of ourselves that we were excited to bring back and reincorporate into our family life. A sense of peace, new perspective, inspiration and a few pearls of wisdom to guide us going forward.

Mixed Media by Angie Renolds
Mixed Media by Tiffany Kilpatrick
Mixed Media by Michal Conley (Work-in-progress)

This collection of art shown above features work that was created by participants in the recent Art of Motherhood, Nurture & Nourish Retreat.

“Participating in the Art of Motherhood class was the biggest gift I have given myself since becoming a mother three years ago. Taking the time to go somewhere without my son to connect with other moms and reflect on the supremely individual and simultaneously universal joys and challenges of early motherhood through a creative process felt hugely luxurious and affirming in the deepest sense. The Art of Motherhood program is for moms across the spectrum—new moms, moms to many, the artistically inclined and the creatively timid. It provides a chance to tap into the wealth of experience that the journey of motherhood provides but is often undocumented and lost due to the sheer immensity of it. Lisa has developed a deep and enriching opportunity for moms to engage in a creative process to connect with each other, as we connect more deeply with our children and ourselves.”
– Judith, Art of Motherhood Class Participant

Fall, Turning Inward

As the days grow shorter and the summer blooms turn begin to fall away, the quiet beauty of autumn invites us back into the room inside ourselves. Treat yourself to a cup of tea, turn off the ringer on your phone and use the following prompts as a jumping off point for your writing and art-making process.

What do you need to feel nourished and nurtured at this time in your life?
In what ways are you most proud of how you nurture your family?

Join us for our monthly Art of Motherhood Mom’s Night Out Class Series! Next session starts October 6th…

Art image of a mother and child standing at the top of a hill gazing at the moon and stars.

Where does the moon sleep? Mixed Media by Lisa Kagan

Discover a creative and reflective space amidst your busy life to connect with yourself and other moms in a supportive and inspiring environment. Learn techniques for utilizing creative writing, drawing, painting, and collage to explore the journey into motherhood and the adventure of the early years of parenthood. You will have the opportunity to share insights and experiences with other moms through the process of turning the raw material of your daily life into fuel for the creative process. Completed art and writing pieces serve as a way to document and honor this incredible period of transformation and adaptation. No previous creative writing or art experience necessary. This class series is designed as a “mom’s night out” for mothers of young children. It is requested that participants come without their young children when they are attending the class.

Dates and Times: This is a monthly three-part series. Classes will be held on Thursdays from 6:30-9pm on October 6th, November 3rd, December 1st
Location: Family Heirloom Arts Studio located in the Woodstock neighborhood in Southeast Portland, Oregon
Cost and Registration: $90 (art supplies included). To register contact Lisa Kagan at Lisa@FamilyHeirloomArts.com or call (503) 347-1391.

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