"Asking nothing in return, I am free in our quiet solitude of understanding." - From "River" by Lisa Kagan

A Fresh Perspective

Art by Julius Kagan Pollard, Age 8

This summer, after cancelling all of our plans due to the pandemic, my husband, our eight-year-old son, and I bought an inflatable boat with an attachable trolling motor. We were determined to go on an adventure of our own making. We set out on our maiden voyage on the Willamette River, which is only ten minutes from our house in Portland and we were hooked. Our son discovered his love of boats—learning to steer, read maps, and navigate. He would come home after each journey and design his own boats, crafts that would take him on his own imaginary adventures. We all found a new kind of freedom on the water.

Surrender, Mixed Media by Lisa Kagan

Power, Presence & Perseverance

The most important lessons I have been able to distill out of this enormous confluence of difficulties we are facing (in addition to my new-found love of boating and open water swimming) are:
• Don’t give your power away
• Don’t take for granted what is right in front of you
• Don’t give up

Making Meaning

This has been a potent time to work with my clients on their life story book projects. Central to our work is the question of making meaning. What matters most to you? What have life’s difficult moments taught you about yourself? Where do you draw your strength and fortitude from? What lifts you up? This time seems almost impossible to make sense of, it is making meaning of our experiences that brings us back into our power center and back in touch with ourselves. Please reach out if want to connect about your own life story project or would like to gift a life story project to a loved one as a way to honor them and the stories that make up their lives.

Spirit of Resilience Online Art Exhibition

I am excited to share that my piece “Release” (pictured here) has been included in the “The Spirit of Resilience” online exhibition curated by The Healing Power of Artists & Art organization. They are a global community of artists and advocates raising awareness about how art serves as a catalyst for healing individuals, society, and our environment. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and can draw a little inspiration to bring back to your own creative practice.

Release, Mixed Media by Lisa Kagan

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