“Stories invite a kind of vision that gives shape and form even to the invisible, making the images move…Of all of the devices available to us, stories are the surest way of touching the human spirit.” -William Morris

Renewal and Inspiration

As we pass through the longest day of the year and summer moves into full swing, this is a wonderful time for celebration, renewal and adventure. Here in the Pacific Northwest, these long, bright days invite us to explore, filling up the spirit with the splendors of the natural world. Wherever you find yourself this summer, may you find access to your own source of inspiration. Through my work supporting people to share and preserve their life stories, I feel that it is not only important to tell the stories of where you have come from and the things you have accomplished in your life, but also to share stories about who you are as a person. Sometimes our greatest legacy is our wisdom and insight. If you are in the midst of working on a life story project or are interested in getting started on one, I invite you to begin by exploring your own sense of values, passion and purpose.

Opening, Photograph by Lisa Kagan

Source of Wisdom

In your adventures this summer, I encourage you to bring a journal or a sketch book with you, a portable place for writing, drawing and reflections. When we feel relaxed and inspired, those can be the moments where we have access to our greatest truths and can tap most directly into our internal source of wisdom. Here are a few writing prompts to help you get started.

• Describe the environment where you feel most at home (literally and/or figuratively).
• Describe a place you hold most sacred.
• Which natural element or elements do you have the strongest affinity for and why?

• Describe the feeling of inspiration.
• What is your definition of love?
• What do you value most in your life?
• What are some ways that you hope to have the most significant impact at this point in your life?

Get started on your own life story project…

Contact Family Heirloom Arts to set-up a free initial consultation so you can learn more about how we can help you write and illustrate your own heirloom book for your family.

“Lisa helped me narrow my focus, kept me returning to the concept at the center of the project. I left our initial consulting session with lots of new ideas for enriching the written history I have started.
– Paul, Family Heirloom Arts Client

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