Stories of Culture and Tradition

As we emerge out of winter into the fullness of spring, this turning of the season is often honored in many cultures and traditions with rituals that have been passed on through many generations. How have your family’s traditions evolved and changed over time?

Find Your Passion, Tell Your Story

“How do I chose which stories to tell?” In the sea of stories that make up our lives and those of our ancestors, it can be hard to know how to focus in and figure out which stories are most important for you to tell. I usually recommend—go where your passion is. Consider these questions…

Finding Strength in Our Roots

During tumultuous times, allowing our roots to anchor us can help to provide much needed stability and grounding. Through the work that I do with my clients and students, we use the personal storytelling process as a way to connect to the source of our roots and trace them back…

Painting illustration of a family walking across a map of Russia to freedom.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

When you look into the eyes of your grandmother immortalized in the photo on your desk, it is amazing seeing your own likeness reflected back. Photographs can transport us, offering an intimate type of visual communication, bridging across time and space…

Finding Your Voice

“My life is teaching me the words to enable it to be a story which can be told. Our journey brings us back to the origin, the beginning. Do not feel lost when you realize you have made your way home…” In what ways can your family’s origin stories help guide you as you build the next chapter of your life?